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We are proud to introduce our line up of judges for this challenge!


Dr Allan Lim

Allan Lim leads Open Innovation team at Nestlé R&D Center, which is responsible for white space exploration, external partnerships and contracts. Allan started his career in Nestlé as a chemist in 1995 after graduating with PhD from the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. In 2008, Allan took on the responsibility on innovation partnership in Asia. One of his biggest achievements is the establishment of strategic partnership between Nestlé and A*STAR in 2014.

Today, Allan spearheads external R&D innovation in Southeast Asia through different collaboration models with public research institutes, academia, enterprises and startups. A case in point is the Circular Materials Laboratory, a precompetitive R&D consortium of more than 20 companies, universities, government agencies and public research institutes, which was set up in 2018 to accelerate research in material and environmental science for single serve packaging.

At the national level, Allan supports Enterprise Singapore by servicing as Chairman of Singapore Food Standards Committee and member of Singapore Standards Council since 2017. Allan also contributes to the international and local academic institutions by serving as co-chairman of the scientific committee of the 21st IUFoST World Food Congress 2022 Singapore, and as chairman and member in local academic advisory boards.

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