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Theme for FTC 2023

"Inspiring sustainability in Asian consumers of this digital age with healthy and affordable food options"

Problem Statements for FTC 2023

Problem Statement 1 (Tate & Lyle):

As the food industry strives towards food security for a growing global population amidst strained resources, specialty food ingredients such as natural sweeteners, dietary fibers, plant proteins, stabilizers, and starch texturants can be helpful food formulation tools to increase shelf life and energy efficiencies, reduce waste and environmental degradation, etc. How might we utilize such innovative food formulation solutions and/or digitally enabled services to enhance the sustainability of our food systems in this digital world?


Problem Statement 2 (Nestle):

To develop a snack with health benefits relevant to life style of Southeast Asian Gen Z-ers, leveraging the goodness of sustainably sourced and minimally processed/wholesome ingredients. The snack has to be in ready-to-drink form (liquid, gel, etc.) and can be paired with digitally enabled services (e.g. website or app enabled).

*Allocation of problem statement is on a first come first serve basis so do sign up early!

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