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Choose your problem statement!

This year, NUS FTC is offering 2 problem statements for all teams to choose from.

Participants will be required to indicate their preference in the registration form.

*In the event that a particular problem statement is oversubscribed,

the allocation will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis.  


Nestlé would like to offer adult Southeast Asian consumers products and/or digital solutions to proactively manage their health (e.g. heart, mobility, digestion, cognition) leveraging the goodness of sustainably sourced and minimally processed ingredients.

Overcoming taste and texture

challenges in healthy food

Please propose new concepts that will help IFF excite Asian consumers, with value added health benefits and enhanced taste and texture sensorial experience. The concepts should take into consideration incorporating IFF combined portfolio as the winning edge, which is able to make a difference in consumer day-to-day life, it has to have the mass appeal yet differentiated from existing market offerings.

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